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McGlaren is an independent member of the Nashfield Group of Companies in Singapore. We provide Subcontracting Works and Project Management, Search and Labour Supply for the Engineering and Construction sectors in the Asia Pacific and Middle East Regions. We capitalize on the growing demand of Engineering & Construction works for specific industries of Oil & Gas, Petrochemical & Refineries, Marine & Shipyard, Civil Works, Power, Water & Transportation, and Mining & Metals, spread on strategic locations, worldwide.

Harness New Growth Areas
The future of the world lies in the future of Asia in the 21st it is set to be the world's new growth engine and powerhouse. Countries in Asia are spearheading their economic growth in an unprecedented pace and rate. Nations such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and India's demand for Oil & Gas Products is on the rise and to cope with this demand, facilities are set up to turn some resources to fuel its production. These opportunities, in turn, have set the stage for McGlaren to seize. For 20 years, we have since been successful in partaking these challenges and the acquired knowledge plus the hands on experience over these years, are what we are leveraging on, moving forward.

Competitive Advantage
Apart from developing high quality physical / hardware infrastructure, McGlaren also puts emphasis in utilizing software and advanced technologies to implement projects for the customers. Such software includes Job Portals, Cloud Based Database and Tracking System, Help Desk, Career Counselling and Consultation Sessions.



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